Trespass, Adverse Possession, Land Ownership, Estoppel and Boundary Disputes

We help resolve disputes relating to land occupation and ownership including estoppel claims.

We advise on the extent of your legal rights and your options and assist you to make sure that your dispute is resolved in a way that is proportionate to the value of the land.

Our work includes preparing and serving the required notices before bringing Possession Proceedings in the Courts to ensure the removal of illegal occupiers of property (whether land or buildings) as well as defending the rights where acquired by those occupying land without permission.

We are also regularly instructed in connection with Adverse Possession claims, assisting in the making of applications or objecting to applications made to HM Land Registry relating to Registered Land and Unregistered Land (whether or not the required period of factual possession post dates 13 October 2003).

If you have not already obtained the title documents relating to the land from HM Land Registry you can order these online from HMLR for a small fee or we can obtain these for you if instructed by you.

We do not charge for an initial consultation and can usually respond to all telephone or e-mail enquiries within 24 hours.

Call 01305 866162 to speak to an adviser today or, alternatively, go to the Contact Us page and send your enquiry to us by e-mail.