Restrictive Covenants

We have extensive experience helping clients with Land Covenants.

Our help is most often sought from clients who have already been advised that there are Restrictive Covenants relating to their land and buildings but seek further guidance.

We are most often contacted to assist where Restrictive Covenants could impact upon the development of freehold land for residential use whether by the developer or by neighbouring land owners. Our clients range from major developers to owners of single building plots right across the UK.

Whether you are simply looking for clear advice as to the precise meaning and effect of a Land Covenant or you would like to know who the beneficiaries are and whether or not you can successfully challenge or defend a particular restriction, we can advise you and then guide you through your options.

We do not charge for an initial consultation and can usually respond to all telephone or e-mail enquiries within 24 hours.

Call 01305 866162 to speak to an adviser today or, alternatively, go to the Contact Us page and send your enquiry to us by e-mail.